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Book Review: Double Vision by F.T. Bradley

Title: Double Vision
Author: F.T. Bradley
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date of Publication: Oct. 16, 2012
Source: received from author for honest review

Level: upper elementary, middle grade 8 years & up
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Book Synopsis:
One's a Secret Agent, One's Not.
Twelve-year-old Linc is a trouble-maker with a dilemma. His antics on a recent school field trip went way overboard, landing his already poor family with a serious lawsuit. So when two secret agents show up at his house, Linc is eager to take them up on their offer to make the lawsuit disappear. They just need one tiny favor.
Turns out Linc looks exactly like one of their top kid agents--an agent who's vanished during a vitally important mission. But no debriefing can prepare Linc for how dangerous the mission really is. It's too bad he isn't a black belt, a math genius, or a distance runner like his agent double. He'll need all those skills and more if he hopes to make it out of this mission alive. . . .

Mom's Thoughts:
Yes this is an children's book but I found myself loving it as well!  I would read it out loud to the boys and I would get quiet for a little bit, and then, Conner  would say, " Mom! Stop reading ahead!"
He was right, too!  I was reading ahead!

The excitement level is very high in this book and it will keep you on your toes.  Linc is a wonderful, mischievous, interesting young boy that every child could relate to, especially my twins.  He tends to get in trouble because of his class clown status and the fact that he is very curious.  I swear the incident with the chickens (both times) had all of us ( even DAD) cracking up.  I even seen Conner's eyes twinkle with ideas; so I am definitely not taking him around any chickens anytime soon.
But besides all the comedy and interesting exploits Linc tends to make; there is a lot of mystery in this book.  That is what kept me so enthralled!  It made me think of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code only because of all the clues, puzzles, and tricks the characters needed to solve.
In Double Vision, Linc is steady trying to figure out different clues and different puzzles that are taking him around France, trying to get a very special person's father back.  This character is my girl!  I loved her and I think just including her in this story makes Double Vision fun for girls, boys, and adults too!
I loved the character development in the story and I love all the interesting people Linc meets that help him and yet sometimes hinder him too.  This book is packed full of action and it truly is hard to only read a few chapters every night.  I also had a very hard time not sneaking back and reading the whole book without my boys!  I would definitely have to give Double Vision five stars!   *****

Anthony & Conner's Thoughts:
Anthony: So Conner and I are really into spy books; basically spy anything.  We love all of the Spy Kids movies and we loved this book too!  In fact, it reminded me a little of Spy Kids just because of the kid spies that are in the book.
I really like the main character, Linc, a lot.  He was funny and seemed to be liked by everyone, except the guy he was pretending to be.  I think Conner and I could really hang out with him; he was really cool.  Even when he got into a lot of trouble at the farm.  Once cool thing was Linc's town he is from, Lompoc, is where our dad was born too.  That was really neat!
I also like Francoise and loved the fact that she was really good at fighting and figuring out really hard clues that her dad left her.
I enjoyed reading this book alot!  Our mom read it out aloud to us but the book was easy enough for us to read quietly too.  The chapters aren't that long and for the most part we could understand everything.  

Conner: This book was awesome!!!  It was fun to read and I always begged Mom to read "one more chapter" every night.  Linc is a really cool boy even though he gets in trouble a lot.  I really felt bad for him when he ended up getting his family in trouble too.  You can tell he didn't mean it because he felt really bad for his Dad and Mom.
I think Linc is pretty brave too going to France to help the government with some top secret mission.  I don't think I could do that, although, it does seem a little fun too.
I liked Henry alot.  He was a really good friend for Linc and helped him out a couple of times with his really neat gadgets!  Man, what I wouldn't give to be able to do what Henry can do!
I loved the idea about the evil painting that was pretty creepy!
But my favorite thing was the fact that Linc looks exactly like one of their agents.  But Linc is way different too.  That reminds me of Anthony and me; we are twins but we like different things.  But sometimes people can't understand that.  I wonder if we could pass as each other sometimes???

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About the author:

F.T. Bradley is the author of Double Vision (Harper Children's, Oct. 2012), the first in the middle-grade adventure series featuring Lincoln Baker and Benjamin Green. Her husband's Air Force career has F.T. and their two daughters moving all around the world, but for the moment the family lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

To find out more about F.T. and Double Vision, visit her website or, or follow her on Twitter. She likes to make new friends.

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