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Book Review: Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life & Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience: A Captain No Beard Story by Carole P. Roman

Title: Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life
Series: Captain No Beard
Author: Carole P. Roman
Publisher: Michael/Okon
Date of Publication: April 12, 2012
Source: received from author for honest review,paperback 40 pages

Amazon Synopsis:
Captain No Beard and his pirate ship The Flying Dragon set sail for a voyage of the imagination with his fearless crew of four: First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the loudmouthed lion, and Fribbit the floppy frog. Normally a young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and three stuffed animals, once they board his bed their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures! Captain No Beard - An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life named to Kirkus Reviews' BEST OF 2012 for Children's Indie Books, and garnered the star of remarkable merit! "Roman charms with an imaginative,whimsical picture book that will entertain even the oldest pirates." Kirkus Review

Mom's Thoughts:
I am such a huge fan of pirates. There is just something breathtaking about walking around saying "Aarrgh!" or "Ahoy Mateys!"  that seems like it makes your day just a tad more fun.  

You should try it-you might like it.  Talk like a pirate with your kids while you go about the chores or pretend you are the captain and they are your first mates.  It will bring a smile to your kids' faces, and probably yours too.
So my boys and I were super excited to find this cute little series about a captain and his unlikely crew sailing the imaginary seas.  I think the title is adorable~Captain No Beard~ because he literally has no beard.  He is a very interesting pirate captain, not to mention his shipmates as well.  He has a mix of animal friends that help navigate on his boat, The Flying Dragon.   For example,  there is Mongo the Monkey, Linus the loudmouthed lion and of course, Fribbet the Floppy Frog.   
I love the alliteration that is going on right here.  It is so much fun.  In fact, I think that was the first thing my son, Mikey, pointed out to me.  
This isn't specifically a "learning" book; but I do think it could be if you really wanted it to be.  I do, however, think this is a great teaching tool for imagination.  I appreciate the fact you have the adventure the crew goes on and then always at the end, the captain and his first mate, Hallie, find themselves back home.  
I think this book is great for both sexes as it doesn't really play to either one.  It is just fun to read, fun to pretend with, and fun to imagine.  
I have to give it five stars *****

Michael's Thoughts -7 years old 
Captain No Beard is a very funny pirate that is a kid just like me.  I love the monkey; in fact he is my favorite.  It is cool to say his name: Mongo the mast climbing monkey.  I laughed really hard when Captain No Beard pulled out a dictionary to look up the famous pirate phrase, "Shiver Me Timbers".  And after everyone figured out what it meant they ran off doing their chores on the ship.  My little brother and me started saying that while we were cleaning our room.  It was pretty funny. 
I give it five stars *****

Jacey's Thoughts - 4 years old
My favorite part was when Mom would read us the different pirate phrases, using her best pirate voice.  And then she would tell us we needed to repeat the words so we could be pirates too.  We were honorary members of the Flying Dragon.  Besides his first mate, all of his crew is animals.  I love animals!  I did wish he had a dog since dogs are my favorite animal in the whole wide world.  
Oh and the pictures in the story were very cool!
I gave it four stars ****

                                Title: Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience
Author: Carole P. Roman
          Series: Captain No Beard Story
                                   Date of Publication: CreateSpace-Jan. 19, 2013
                                                         Source: received with first book from author in exchange for our honest opinion of it.

Goodreads Summary:
The crew of the Flying Dragon are sailing again. This time, new crewmember, Pepper Parrot is having a hard time keeping up with the drills. Captain No Beard and his mates join together to help Pepper achieve her goals with patience and tolerance.

Mom's thoughts:
I know my kids (and myself) can always use patience when it comes with dealing with many issues we face everyday as part of a family, part of a community, and even being part of this world and this great little story helps us see why.  
Ya'll know I love my alliteration and there it is smack dab in the title!  This was a wonderful story to read with my kids.  I even found my older, more mature, (yeah right) nine years old twins listening in and chuckling at Pepper.  
That is actually one of my favorite aspects of the book: the humor Ms. Roman  works into it.  It is simple enough for the kids to get a kick out of it but even the adults can smile at the Pepper Parrot and the crew's patience or lack thereof.  
I think this book has a bit more of a learning vision than the first book because of course, patience is a virtue we could all have a little more of.  Especially Pepper the Parrot.   I think Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience could be a great teaching tool for kids as a fun imaginative read that helps children unlock their potential  to do great things.  As long as they can be patient enough for those great things.  
I loved Pepper and loved how the story turned out for Pepper!  Five Stars!!!!  *****
The Boys' Thoughts:
( Conner ~ 9, Anthony ~ 9, Michael ~ 7, & Jacey ~4)

This is a great book with lots of funny parts!  We all decided that probably the best part is when the crew and Pepper is trying to figure out what left and right is and Pepper keeps getting confused!  It's also cool that the trick Hallie teaches Pepper to learn left from right is the same trick our mom taught us too!  That is pretty amazing!  
Another funny part is when everyone keeps saying, "AARGH!" all the time.  Conner laughed so hard he snorted and then everyone was laughing from that too.  
We loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes pirates, using their imaginations, or just a really  good laugh!  We decided it deserves five stars!  *****
We did have one question though:  How was Pepper the Parrot going to be the cook??  That would have been definitely a funny sight!

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