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The Moms

Amy ~ Mom to Conner, Anthony, Michael & Jacey
Amy loves anything and everything to do with books!  Reading and video game playing are the two obsessions that she happily shares with the rest of her family.  Amy hopes to one day write her own stories and share them with the world, but for right now she just shares her insight into other people's books.  When not homeschooling the boys or tackling the terrible laundry demon, Amy works on her blog, Read to My Heart's Content. You can contact Amy at amysteves12@gmail.com .

Leigh Ann ~ Mom to Jessica, Brayden & Emma
Leigh Ann is an avid reader and tends to pick up books from all genres, but her true loves are romance, paranormal, fantasy and mystery novels.  Reading has always been a very important part of her life, and she wants to encourage her children to capture the magic that comes from books.  Leigh Ann runs the blog Silver Wings Reviews and can be contacted at silverwingsbookblog@gmail.com.

The Kids

Conner ~ 9 yrs old
Conner is the oldest of all the Sanders boys.  He is a twin and loves rubbing it in Anthony's face he is older by a minute.  Conner loves to read Goosebumps, collecting beanie babies, and playing video games.  He also loves learning everything there is to know about jaguars and snakes.  Conner is a very active little boy but is never too busy to show his love for his family.  Conner loves to meet new people, young and old, and will always ask what that person likes to read.

Anthony ~ 9 yrs old
Anthony is the thinker of the boys.  He will always try to sit and ponder a problem out before jumping feet first into it.  He loves nothing more than to curl up reading his Marvel comics, or building some fantastic new creation with the Legos that seem to manifest everywhere.  And Anthony knows nothing can be more fun than hanging with his twin, Conner, as they explore the world around them.  As well as the worlds their brother, Mikey, makes up.

Michael ~ 7 yrs old
Michael is a sweet kid that has this uncanny ability to memorize every Beanie Baby ever made.  When he isn't searching for more Beanie Babies, he is actively reading anything Spongebob, as well as Dr. Seus books.  He is a huge fan of Dr. Seus and will happily read Green Eggs and Ham to anyone who would like t sit down and listen.  His best friend, Jacey, is always by his side, and he loves to teach Jacey the letters of the alphabet.  When Michael isn't busy reading his favorite books, he is off exploring his own world he has created called, Michael's World.  It even has its very own map (which hangs up in a frame in the hallway).  Michael loves to be read to and enjoys taking turns reading The Magic Tree House Series with his mom.

Jacey ~ 4 yrs old
Jace is an active preschooler during the day ready to tackle any obstacle, but at night?  He is the ninja, fighting bad guys all the time.  Oh wait who are we kidding?  Jace is always the ninja, pretending to be a video game character, and even making up his own moves.  He loves to be read to and is slowly learning how to read certain words right now.  He also loves to dance, carry his cat, Loki, around everywhere and irritate his older brothers.  His favorite person, besides his Dad, is Batman.  So if a book has Batman in it?  He is in love.

Jessica ~ 8 yrs old
Jessica is in 3rd grade and is just beginning to get interested in chapter books.  Reading tends to be a difficult subject for her, and she gets discouraged and loses interest quickly when reading by herself.  But she loves to hear wonderful stories, so family storytime is the perfect way to keep her involved.  She enjoys retelling stories and giving her opinions and has enjoyed contributing to the Super Readers blog.

Brayden ~ 7 yrs old
Brayden is in 1st grade and he loves to read everything he can get his hands on!  He prefers non-fiction books and can usually be found in his room with giant encylopedia or other non-fiction book, reading all about dinosaurs, bugs and animals.  Brayden is a learner and loves to soak up knowledge.

Emma ~ 5 yrs old
Emma is in PreK and is only just learning to read.  She gets frustrated that her brother and sister can read all by themselves, so she tends to memorize the books read to her.  Later she will sit and "read" them to herself.  She loves Dr. Seuss and any books about princesses, fairies or ladybugs. 

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