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Review + Guest Post: Adventures with Buster by London Lake Pickett

Title: Adventures With Buster
Author: London Lake Pickett
Publisher: Self
Source: paperback 35 pages, received from author for honest review

Book Synopsis:

"Adventures with Buster" is a children's book that will entertain and educate readers about guide dogs and blindness. This is the first book in which London Lake Pickett shares experiences she has had with her guide dog named Buster.

Mom's Thoughts:

I loved this book so much!  Instantly, I had this warm feeling spread over me as I started the book, mainly because of the respect and love you can feel the author has for this wonderful animal.   These two are terrific characters!

Buster is a fun and adorable friend to London.  But he is also her guide dog and helper too.  I love how London takes the time to explain to the readers what this entails and points out some very important things for us to know about guide dogs.  She really takes us through the whole adventure of how her and Buster were brought together.  We really feel like we are right there along with her.  

But Buster isn't the only character in this non fiction story that grabs our attention too.  London is an amazing person who really shows us how much she truly loves Buster and enjoys her life with him.  
I really enjoyed the first time Buster meets a frog.  That was very entertaining for me, as well as my children.  
The length of the book isn't too long so to keep young children engaged as well as older kids.  It is very informative but also has an entertaining vibe to it too.  I really loved this story and definitely recommend it to children, adults and everyone in between!  


Jacey's Thoughts (4 yrs old)
My favorite animal in the whole universe is dogs so I really liked this book!  My mom read it to me aloud and I learned a lot about what to do and not to do when seeing a guide dog.  
Never try to pet a guide dog when they are working!  This could cause them to do something bad and not pay attention to their job.  I remember that!
I also liked all the different commands Buster knew.  He really is smart!  My dog only knows how to sit, lay down, and sing.  So Buster is pretty cool!


Anthony's Thoughts (9 yrs old)
I learned a lot while reading Adventures with Buster  about guide dogs and training them.  Buster is a very well trained animal that completely ignored cats while leading Ms. London down the street.  Most dogs have to at least bark at cats, if not chase them; but not Buster!  He just walks right on by it.  

There was a lot of information in this story about Ms. London's blindness which helps us understand more about blindness.  It also tells us how to act around guide dogs, especially when they are working.  I really liked the list of commands at the end of the book that goes through all the directions that Buster can do.  Very cool!  
Besides information, this was a fun book to read.  It didn't take me long to read it at all and I really loved it.  Buster even got to fly on a plane and he was so well behaved.  I don't think my mom would have been as good as Buster; she is scared to death of flying.  
I think everyone should pick this book up because not only does it help us understand more about guide dogs and it is really entertaining.  You will definitely laugh at some of the interactions Buster has with other animals.  The frog was probably my favorite!


After finishing this wonderful book, I contacted the author and just knew I had to have her on to do  a guest post for us too.   London is a fun and sweet person and I recommend for everyone to read her book as well as letting her know.  You will come away with a warm feeling from talking to such an optimistic woman!  Without further ado, let's welcome Mrs. London Lake Pickett!!!!

“Adventures with Buster” is my first book. I wrote it as a way to share experiences I

have had with my guide dog, Buster. He is such a blessing in my life that I wanted other

people to know about him. Most of us rarely see a blind person with a guide dog so

Buster and I like to visit schools and other groups to teach them about guide dogs and


When we visit groups of people, I have two messages for them. One is that most blind

people have a little bit of vision. Unfortunately that little bit of vision does not allow them

to see well enough to get around and do things easily. The second message is the

importance of ignoring a guide dog (or any other service dog) when he or she is wearing

a harness. The dog is doing an important job so he or she should not be paying

attention to you.

To learn more about Buster and me, you can read “Adventures with Buster”. We would

love to hear what you think of the book so my email address is in the book. “Vacations

with Buster” is my next book. I will let you know when it is published!

If you are interested in learning more and watching the Puppy Cam please visit the Southeastern Guide Dogs website here:

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