Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Chase Danger Mystery of the Special Sauce by Lisa Oliveria, Chase Oliveria, Adam Goodman

Title: Chase Danger:Super Spy Mystery of the           Special Sauce
Author:Chase and Lisa Oliveria
Publisher/Date of Publication: Magic Fire Music Studio
Source: we received this book from the author for our honest review of it.

Join 6-year-old super-spy Chase Danger on his very first illustrated adventure. Chase Danger is the world's youngest super spy - ready to fight villains wherever they appear. In his first adventure he battles a giant octopus and terrifying scorpion, builds a super flying car, takes a quick trip to space, and befriends Ali Bali - a mysterious 6-year-old girl that helps him along the way. Chase Danger and Ali Bali will return in Book 2. 1st in a series of Chase Danger: Super Spy books. 22 full color illustrations by Adam Goodman. Read-Along CD included featuring a dramatic performance of the entire story.  -Amazon summary

Mom's thoughts:

I remember when I was a little girl my parents collected The Gremlins books and in the back of these paperback goodies were a 45 record.  (I know I just dated myself there a little but oh well)  I would get up in the rocking chair and listen to that record as I followed along through the book.  It was amazing and it was almost like I was a part of the action.  

Chase Danger Mystery of the Special Sauce is even a hundred times better than that!  It comes with a cd read a long that will narrate the book but it does much more than that.  It has these awesome sound effects to go along with the action of the book. I personally, loved Chase's voice, it was adorable and is done by a real child.  (At least it sounds like it)
The illustrations are colorful and bright and easily captures the child's attention.  Even my 3 year sat in my lap the entire time while we listened to the story.  He would pick out the pictures that went with what we were listening to at the same time.  
This is a wonderful story with non stop action, creativity, humor, and the sweetest lil hero the world has ever seen.  I would recommend this book to anyone with kids.  It is truly fun to read for all ages!  

Anthony's Take:
This book is really really good! When we opened the package it came with coloring sheets but you can also go to the website and download activities too.  We listened to it before bed the other night and then when we got up in the morning we begged mom to let us listen to it then.  I don't really have a favorite part because I love the whole thing!  It's real easy to follow along with the CD through the book and I like the all the different sounds that go along with the story.  

Conner's Take:
My favorite part in The Chase Danger book was when he has to take control of the scorpion.  I have a toy scorpion that looks exactly like the one in the book and that was pretty amazing for me.  
This story is great for little kids like my baby brother but it's also really cool for me and Anthony who are almost 9 years old. I can't wait to see what happens to Chase in the next book with his friend Ali Bali!  

Mikey's Take:
This book is so simple to understand and follow along.  I liked it alot!! It was very good and I loved how Chase and me are close to the same age.  I think Chase and me could be great friends going on adventures together.  I love to invent different things so I liked how I was kinda the same as Chase too!  My favorite part was the Flashblack.  He was a cute little baby and I laughed at his disguise too!

Jacey's Take
My favorite part was the giant octopus in it!  That was wow!  I liked all the sounds on the CD and I can hold the book while the man on the CD reads it to us!

Every one of us agreed Chase Danger Mystery of the Special Sauce deserves five smiley faces!  This is a great book that we will probably wear the CD out listening to.  We can't wait till the next book comes out and we can go on another adventure with Chase Danger-Super Spy!!!

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