Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

We decided to do a Wish List Wednesday because we have some birthdays coming up (Anthony, Conner, and Jace) and our favorite thing to get is books!

Conner:  I have been wanting a certain Goosebumps book for a very long time:
Even the cover "screams" fun! I cannot wait till I can get my mom and dad to get this for me!  I will probably read it in a day too!

Anthony: The book I have been wanting for a long time is:
This is a really fun series about four kids who think different people are monsters and they have to figure out if these people really are what they seem to be.  

Michael: I really love SpongeBob Squarepants!  Did you know they have SpongeBob books?  Yep, sure do!  That's what I have been waiting for-more SpongeBob books.
I seen this episode on T.V. and I laughed so hard I almost split my own pants!  I would love to have it in book form so I can take it anywhere with me.  

Jacey: My favorite show of all time is Team Umizoomi.  I get to learn to count and my shapes when I watch   Geo, Bot, and Milli.  Now they are in books too!  I can't wait until my birthday because I know my Daddy and Mommy will get me some Team Umizoomi Books!

So that's it for our Wish List Wednesday!  Have a great week!

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