Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review: Graveyard Scavenger Hunt (NightScares#1) by Brian Barnett

Title: Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
Series:NightScares book 1
Author: Brian Barnett
Format: ebook, novella 96 pages
Source: received from author for honest review
Publisher: Twenty or Less Press
Date of Publication: Nov. 16, 2012

Book Synopsis:
Pete is stuck with his weird grandparents for a whole week. To make matters worse, they live next door to a creepy old graveyard. After going in the graveyard alone one night, Pete finds himself face-to-face with a living skeleton, Benny “Bones” Barton.
The only way for Pete to leave the graveyard is to win Benny’s game, a scavenger hunt. Worse yet, if Benny wins, the dead get to come back to the living world. And Benny is a trickster and a cheater.

Mom's Thoughts:

This was a really fun story to read and I think it was the perfect start to a very interesting series!  It has that creepy feel with the graveyard being right next to Pete's grandparents' house, as well as Pete's grandparents coming off as very mysterious indeed.
Of course, we all know when you tell a kid not to do something-that is the first thing they will do, so it was no surprise when Pete jumps into the graveyard, even after Grandpa tells him not to.  It's what happens after the fact that takes us on a thrill ride.
Besides our main character Pete, we meet a lot of different characters that bring a lot of different elements to the story.  Even Benny Bones.  He is a mess indeed.  Let's just say he definitely is the bad guy and he does a splendid job of it too!
Some of the other guys in the story are wonderfully imaginative and I enjoyed learning a little about them.  Plus, the scavenger hunt idea is so fun to read along with it made me want to get a list and go save the world too!
I think kids from 9 years old and up would enjoy this story.  It held my attention and I especially enjoyed the bonding time with the grandparents.  That made the story much more enjoyable; having some really cool grandparents in it.
I gave it five stars!

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